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“I really enjoyed Alessandra Marchi, Nazli Tarzi and [definitely] Andreas Krieg! They were all excellent speakers What I found relevant to my studies and work experience was Catalina Quiroz Nino’s presentation on educational approach and policies. I would definitely recommend people attend the next conference and personally [am] really looking forward to it!"

-Shahrzad Shemirani, Msc student, Intl Relations and Conflict Resolution

“As a researcher from outside the discipline [of International Relations] but with an interest in understanding the Middle East, I found the conference useful and valuable for gaining a different perspective on MENA issues. If it is to be held again, I will definitely attend. All the stimulating talks were held by experts in the field who generously shared insights on different matters."

-Zeynab Yousfi, PhD Candidate from Algeria

“All the topics were very interesting and relevant, and the presenters were really approachable and knowledgeable. I’d definitely attend again. Even though my dissertation is not related to the Middle East, it’s a region that has a lot going on at the moment so the conference has definitely added to my knowledge.”

-Ana Paixao, Msc student, International Relations

"I’d return as a speaker or an attendee if I could! I felt the dialogue and exchange with students was very positive."

-Alessandra Marchi, Invited Guest Speaker, Gramsci Lab, Italy

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