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Alessandra Marchi

Alessandra Marchi is currently working as Scientific Coordinator of the GramsciLab – Laboratory of International Gramscian studies, Dept. of Political Sciences, University of Cagliari. She works with Patrizia Manduchi - professor of History and Culture of the Arab/Islamic world - and they recently edited the volume on Gramsci in the Arab World (Gramsci nel mondo arabo, Il Mulino 2017) which collected different articles of Arab intellectuals translated into Italian. She is currently working on the Gramscian readings of the MENA region, especially after 2011 and the post-‘revolutionary’ period. She did research on the Italian community in Egypt and on the Egyptian uprising, with fieldwork in Cairo and Alexandria (at the French CNRS équipe Céalex, during the period 2009-2014. She also worked at the Antonio Gramsci House Museum in Ghilarza (Italy), from 2011-2016.  

Nazli Tarzi, Independent Journalist

Nazli Tarzi is an independent multimedia journalist and researcher with a particular interest in Iraqi affairs — past and present — and state-society relations in the wider Middle East. After two years in broadcast journalism, Nazli currently writes for a wide range of publications including Middle East Monitor, The New Arab, Middle east Eye and Al Jazeera, among others.

Journalist Nazli Tarzi discusses Iraq's female artists

Courtney Freer

Dr. Courtney Freer discusses the future of democracy in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the UK House of Commons

Andreas Krieg

Dr. Andreas Krieg discusses key players in Syria and their attitudes toward Assad

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