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Jonathan Hill, King's College

Jonathan Hill is Professor of International Relations in the School of Security Studies at King’s College London and an Associate Member of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies at King’s College London He sits on the Board of Advisory Editors of the Middle East Journal and the governing council of the Society for Algerian Studies, and is a member of the Economic and Social Research Council's Peer Review College. His current research focuses on authoritarian resilience and democratisation in the Maghreb and North Africa. For a complete list of his published works please see:

Courtney Freer, London School of Economics

Courtney Freer is a Research Officer at the Kuwait Programme at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). Her work focuses on the domestic politics of the Arab Gulf states, with a particular focus on Islamism and tribalism. Her DPhil thesis at Oxford University revised rentier state theory by examining the socio-political role played by Muslim Brotherhood groups in Kuwait, Qatar, and the UAE. The book version of these findings will be published in May by Oxford University Press under the title Rentier Islamism: The Role of the Muslim Brotherhood in Gulf Monarchies. Courtney previously worked as a Research Assistant at the Brookings Doha Center and as a researcher at the US-Saudi Arabian Business Council. For a list of publications see:

Catalina Quiroz Niño is Project Manager and Technical Coordinator for Initiatives of Change, which runs the Erasmus+ project Migrants and Refugees as Rebuilders. She has spent the last ten years leading Erasmus+ projects on training for diverse fields across social and solidarity economy, interculturality, antidiscrimination and training of adult educators working with refugees and migrants (sponsored by Erasmus+ and the Commonwealth Education Hub). Her work with international charities and universities in Latin America and Europe has enabled her to combine both practice and theory, especially within the field of participatory governance, facilitative leadership and ethical leadership within social enterprises. For more on her work see:

Andreas Krieg is an assistant professor for Defence Studies at King’s College London currently seconded to the UK Defence Academy. In his research Andreas has combined his regional expertise of the Middle East with the wider field of Security Studies. He has looked at violent non-state actors and unconventional means of warfare in the 21st century. As an expert for Middle East security more generally and Gulf security in particular, Andreas has employed his regional and subject-related expertise providing strategic and operational risk consultancy to a variety of commercial and governmental organizations operating in the MENA region. He most recently published a book with Palgrave titled ‘Socio-Political Order and Security in the Arab World’. For more on his work see:

Eric Jeanpierre is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Law and module leader for 'International & Comparative Law' and 'International Criminal & Human Rights Law', Kingston University.


His research expertise and interest lie in comparative law, and in the relationship between Africa and international law / international justice. 


He is the founding member and joint director of the Globalisation and Law Group at Kingston university (webpage: & Facebook Group: ).


He previously taught Law at City University, the University of Surrey and the University of North London and was also visiting lecturer at the University of Maribor (Slovenia) and Mikolas Romeris University (Lithuania), and taught aspects of legal translations in the linguistics department at City University

Eric Jeanpierre,

Kingston Law School

Catalina Quiroz Niño, Initiatives of Change 

Andreas Krieg, King's College/UK Defence Academy

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