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Understanding MENA

رتب العلم اعلى الرتب    

April 18th 2018

Arab Revolutions and the West

الثورات العربية والغرب


April 18th 2018


Kingston University, London, Penrhyn Rd Campus


“If you don’t see me I’ll burn myself! How do you expect me to make a living!”

The last words of a martyr, Mohammed Bouazizi, catalyst of the Arab Spring. This ongoing socio-political event has toppled decades-long governments and ideologies, yet the Middle East continues to undergo transition. The rise of non-state actors such as ISIS and the refugee crisis in Syria has increased not only our attention on the Arab world but proved that the West cannot remain aloof from these events as they migrate from the heart of Islam and Christianity to the shores of Europe.

This one day conference is exclusively focused on the Middle East and the effects of the Arab Spring on the West and Europe. With the ongoing Brexit partially prompted by the refugee crisis, there is no better time to discuss the politics of the Arab world. 

Conference Sponsor: 

Kingston University, London is the largest university in south West London, with 20,000 students. Alumni include Hadia Tajik, MP for Oslo (2009) and Norwegian Minister of Culture (2012-13), Glenda Bailey, OBE, Editor-in-Chief of Harper’s Bazaar US and John Tiner, CBE, CEO of UK Financial Services Authority (2003-07). In 2017, Kingston was winner of the prestigious Guardian University Award for teaching excellence and in 2015 the Higher Education Business and Community Interaction Survey found that for the sixth time, Kingston University held the highest number of graduates starting their own companies in the UK. Up to 371 graduate entrepreneurs or 1/10 of all graduate startups in England were helped by Kingston University in 2015 alone.  

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